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The Chiron Energy Experience with Carolyn Osborn

Each session or reading is unique, even for the same person or animal. Carolyn is trained to access what is important right now, drawing upon many alternative modalities.

She is trained to illuminate a path that may provide the answers and perspective being sought. This is the foundation upon which Carolyn builds to guide and support each client.

Nature of Energy • How does energy come into play when you work with me? It impacts every aspect of how I work with you or your animal companion. Not only does the work I do revolve around different aspects of energy, but all the modalities I use are based in energy.

My goal is to help you feel safe, supported, understood and listened to, so I can then help you find the answers and solutions to your situation.  This also applies to your animal friends. Everything we discuss or reveal is strictly confidential and only used to help you both reach your health goal.

Power of Distance & Non-Distance Sessions • The beauty of working on the energetic level in my work, is that I do not have to work on my clients in person.  This is especially true of my animal clients.  My best work is done on them at a distance, which means that the animal can stay in its home environment, where it is safe and able to move around as needed.  Very often they feel the energy work and need to move about in response to it. Or they sleep through the whole session.  Also, I do not get distracted or interrupted by them as I do my work. 

Since energy is in all things and beings, there is no distance in energy.  The results are the same whether you are in the same room or thousands of miles away. This applies to my people clients as well.  If you happen to be in the Los Angeles, CA area, I do have a limited number of in-person sessions available.

Innovative Modalities • I have several different modalities I use to give you the most appropriate solution to your issue.  They fall into 3 major categories:

1. Medical Intuitive skills to find out what is going on in the physical and energetic bodies.  This works for both people and animals.

2. Animal Communication to connect with your animal, both those that are alive and those that have crossed over.

3. Healing and balancing the Body/Mind.   Here I use several different modalities – Accunect®, Animal Energy® and BodyTalk ®. They are consciousness based healing systems, and appropriate for both people and animals.

Who I can help • Animals are my passion and they can be so responsive to all the energy work I do. Plus it is totally non-invasive and considered safe for them. In my experience, they love the connection and communication, and they love to send messages to their person.

I love helping people get back in balance on all levels, and I have demonstrated the capacity for my clients feeling safe and trusted. They can improve their well-being and learn that they have an untapped self-healing capacity and the ability to expand their consciousness to a higher level.