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Chiron Energy Medicine provides packages with readings and/or sessions included.

Both are available for people and animals. These take place over the phone or using Zoom online.

In the Los Angeles area, a limited number of in-person sessions for people are available.

Gift Certificates are available for readings, session packages or programs. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, etc.

If you are new to our work,  you are invited to request a Free Introductory Consultation below.

What is the difference between a reading and a session?

In a Medical Intuitive reading, I am using intuitive visualization  to view your physical and energetic bodies clairvoyantly (these are often called chakras or aura fields) to determine what is present, and where a problem may have originated. This is strictly to gain information about the issues you are dealing with to connect with the quantum field and higher self.

 A session is where the actual balancing and energetic shifts occur, through the use of the appropriate energy medicine modality, and by using the information that was gained in the reading.

Medical Intuitive Readings

1 Reading (1 hour $125)

3 Readings (total of 3 hours $350)

Animal Communication Sessions

1 Session (30 minutes $70, or 1 hour $125)

Energy Medicine Session Packages

3 Sessions (total of 3 hours $350)

7 sessions (total of 7 hours, $795) includes the option to combine readings or sessions

Performance Package

3 Sessions (total of 3 sessions 60 minutes each, $350)

Please inquire about our Equine & Rider Sessions or Custom Programs

1 Session (1 hour $150) for a specific issue

3 Session Program (total of 3 hours $400) for Mindset Performance Focus

7 Session Program (total of 7 hours $995) includes Mindset Performance with Communication and Well Being Focus

By special arrangement 6-month and 12-month Equine & Rider Programs are available

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Note for Gift Certificate purchases. After you make your purchase, please contact us so we know it is a gift, and we can send you a PDF gift certificate. The certificate will contain our contact information so they can learn how to book their appointment(s).

Chiron Energy Medicine does not diagnose or treat medical/veterinary problems or mental health disorders, and does not replace the services of licensed medical professionals. (To learn more, please visit our Disclaimer Page.)