Performance Package

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Performance Package


Carolyn guides you to use the Six Stages of Performance most effectively for your needs. 

  • Identify and clear old restricting beliefs

  • Identify the areas where you may be sabotaging yourself, thus keeping you from performing at your best

  • Identify and clear out past experiences that are influencing you in the present moment

  • If you are partnering with an animal, discover how to both be at your best and ultimately work in sync 

  • Your mindset influences all aspects of your life, and all can be improved, whether it is on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

These sessions can be for people wish to enhance their own performance in any of several areas such as the creative arts, sports, public speaking, competitions, etc. It is also for people who team with animals to perform for sports or competitions.

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Each Performance Package includes three 60-minute sessions to address the mindset and performance areas you wish to improve.

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