Equine & Rider Series

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Chiron Product Equine Rider 3.png

Equine & Rider Series

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Single session: 60 min

To focus on a specific issue, (physical, emotional or mental) for either the horse or rider.

3 session series: 60 min each

  • The intro Performance Series

  • Single session on the horse, rider, and then on both as a single unit.

  • Discover what each of you has holding you back from being your best

  • Discover how to best communicate with each other under pressure

7 session series – 60 min each

  • This includes 3 session experience, and then goes deeper

  • Improve the communication between you and your horse

  • Improve the focus and confidence of you both

  • Discover what makes your horse tick and what he needs to be his best

  • This complements and enhances your regular training

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