Animal Communication and Healing

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Animal Communication and Healing

from 70.00

Animal sessions are 60 min. 30 min sessions are available for follow up or emergency needs only.

  • Connecting with animals that have crossed over

  • Talk to aging animals that are getting ready to cross over

  • Find out what is bothering them and what they have to say

  • Create better communication with them

  • Discover what your animal wants to teach you and how your Soul paths are connected

  • Enhance the human and animal bond

  • Healing Sessions can focus on what is going on physically, emotionally, with their energy, and where it originated

  • An adoptive animal may have memories, trauma, or behavioral issues they need cleared or balanced to reduce their stress and discomfort  

  • Why are you dealing with this now, and how can you best address the problem to help resolve the issue.

Best value and benefit for your animal is the Combo Pkg of 3 sessions @ 60 minutes each, which combines Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine, and Animal Communication.

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