Intuitive Balancing for People

“The purpose of my energy healing work is to discover the core of what matters most right now for people in the key aspects of their daily life.”
— Carolyn Osborn
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Freeing You to Thrive

As human beings, we are meant to be more than just our body. We are meant to explore our mind, creativity, spirituality and potential, as well as maintain and enjoy our wonderful body.

Our world today is full of stress, fear, a pressure to survive, and so much in our environment that creates an imbalance in our Body/Mind. Energy Medicine is a wonderful way to balance yourself and get in touch with who you are, and to reach your highest potential as an energized spiritual being.

Tap into your energy and create a wonderful life, with the freedom to attain your best dreams. Start on your new path today!

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INTUITIve ENERGy Balancing

Would you like to have the opportunity to feel better and get your body and mind back in balance? Release the stress from work, family or health concerns? Improve your sensitivity to allergens? Create better support for a compromised immune system?

These and many other factors, such as stress, environmental influences, emotions, limiting beliefs, and of course, family genetics, can easily cause the body to go out of balance. All of these factors play a role, so how do you discover what aspects are out of balance? And how can you fix them?

Chiron Energy Medicine was founded upon the principle of integrating the best available alternative healing modalities intended to discover the best solution for your body’s needs. By working at the energetic level of the body,  many beneficial physical and emotional changes can take place, creating a lasting shift for the better.

We can discover what is ready to shift and be restored back to a healthy balance, and then implement the change energetically. The changes can be subtle but powerful, especially after a series of sessions. Luckily, your body has the ability to restore well-being with a little help, seeking readily to respond to expert energy healing and mentoring. Experience it today!

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MINDSET/performance MENTORing

Did you know that our body and all of its systems and parts are very much like a symphony orchestra, or a finely choreographed dance troupe?  In order to get the best performance, all the players, whether large or small in number, must communicate clearly and work together in harmony.  

There are many factors at play in achieving the best performance (e.g. creative and performing artists, athletes, lecturers or presenters) in any arena (e.g. auditions, competitions, presentations) Some factors you have no control over, but the ones you do can be changed, cleared, or improved. The state of your mindset can be what determines if you will be successful. The components you can change go very deep into the energetic layers of your body/mind. I believe the only way to really clear or change them is on the energetic level, which is the basis of our work.

With Energy Medicine, we can synchronize the performance and functionality between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body. This is designed to train the body to learn and perform at its finest. Being able to consistently do your best in any competitive or performance situation, increases your chances of being successful, and your confidence can increase exponentially. Be the conductor of your body/mind and bring your performance to its highest potential.

A Case Study about inner connections

This client had a Medical Intuitive reading and 3 healing sessions. The change she experienced has been amazing. She experienced several huge shifts and felt a big improvement relating to her concerns as a result of the sessions.

In her own words:

“I’m so grateful that I came to Carolyn for help with my sleep troubles. She helped me to understand the underlying issues associated with my over active brain. Carolyn also helped me address other important issues occurring in my life. And she showed me the importance of the mind, body and soul connection.

Thank you Carolyn! I am so grateful for all your help.”

— Judy Mathis

While Carolyn Osborn can’t guarantee any specific results, and the case study above does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of services for any particular issue or problem, clients report having positive experiences.