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The Chiron consciousness

Some say we teach what we need to learn. This an excellent way of reminding us that at any stage of life, we may find our energy blocked. We may need guidance to navigate the challenges that we are too close to, or that we feel too vulnerable to see within ourselves.

Chiron reminds us that reaching out for guidance to enhance our mindset is one step on the path of wisdom, because it can offer relief, support and learning that can heal the wound within.



When early criticism and fears restrict or inhibit your best performance, the natural talent and ability you have can hide even from you, no matter all the study and practice you are doing. This can leave you feeling anxious and insecure onstage. Carolyn has developed specific techniques and skills that are designed to ease you into a new, more confident relationship with your self during any performance.

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Performing athlete

Partnering with an animal is both wonderful and complex. There are two hearts, two minds and two sets of performance issues to complicate a wonderful partnership. Perhaps you and your horse ride for fun or competitively, you show your dog or cat, or you and your dog do Agility Shows. Carolyn can help you both work together and become a fabulous team.