Partnering with Horses

Carolyn Osborn is an accomplished equestrian, having competed in jumping and dressage (Bronze Medalist.) She is experienced in the particular demands and requirements of equine partnering. She is deeply committed to naturally enhancing the mindset, performance and well-being of both horse and rider. Enjoy each other's company with more freedom and ease. Support your horse's health and emotional well-being. Perform and compete at a satisfying level for both rider and mount.

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Health & Sensitivities

Is your horse sensitive to his food, surroundings or weather?  Is she prone to colic? Have you noticed he doesn’t seem to feel quite right, either in mood, feel, or under saddle?

Does he spook at things around the barn, ring or new places? Is she allergic to some item, substance or other environmental influence?

Start with a Medical Intuitive reading on your horse to find out what may be going on in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Discover the root cause of the issue and how best to resolve it. Find the answers to your questions. Once you have that information, if energy medicine is the best way to resolve the issue, that can be the next step. While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, very often a combination of traditional and energetic healing can offer the best and most productive combination to resolve  issues. 

Energy medicine is intended to help to relieve a variety of conditions in the horse: from behavioral and emotional issues such as fear, mistrust or spooking; to physical ones, including chronic tension and pain.  The premise of energy work is that wounds can heal faster; emotional trauma from the injury can be released to allow for faster healing, and acute illness can gain rapid improvement.

Energy medicine is considered a pure, non-invasive method. Horses, who are animals of prey, appreciate and can be deeply receptive to it. All the work is done off the horse.

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Healthy Bonding

Like many animals we acquire from previous owners, there may be old baggage and experiences that need to be cleared so that you can create the best partnership with your horse. Energy medicine can clear old memories and traumas and help form a new strong bond between you and your horse.

In addition to the physical body, energy medicine can also address the mind and spirit of the horse. The attitude and disposition of a horse can improve as a result of energy work. Sometimes a problematic behavior becomes the main focus of a session and, after the session, marked positive can changes occur.


Communicating with your horse in this way can also allow you to gain a better understanding and awareness of what they are thinking and what is happening with them. A session to ask specific questions or open up to what they want you to know can be be very useful.

Energy medicine is truly a holistic approach; it is designed to not only address the physical body of the horse, it embraces their spiritual, emotional and mental health states as well.

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Enhanced performance

Working with our horse is all about how they perform, whether it is as a show horse (jumping, dressage, eventing, western pleasure…) or just taking a trail ride or visiting a new place. Do you want to have a better connection with your horse partner? Work together in sync and think as one? Get both of you in top physical and mental condition?

Would you like to get rid of show jitters? Have you had a bad fall that now has you afraid of getting back on your horse or feeling uncomfortable or hesitant about riding again?

Carolyn has developed a unique system that incorporates working on the mindset, physical and energetic components of both horse and rider.  Each of you are strong individuals that can learn to better understand and work together by identifying and clearing old patterns that no longer assist you. These can be old experiences, traumas and beliefs, as well as physical issues that are limiting your highest potential. She works with you individually and as a team to get the best results possible. This is a wonderful way to complement and support your physical training.

By bringing all these different aspects into alignment through energy medicine, both parties have a better chance of achieving your goals together. You are then able to created the opportunity to function as a harmonious team of one mind instead of two.

“I speak the language of horses: physical movement, powerful speed, heightened sensitivity, and quicksilver attention. In working with you and your horse, I focus first on the fundamentals of trust.”
— Carolyn Osborn


When I work on a horse and rider team to improve their skills together, it takes several sessions.  First I do an individual session on the horse and the rider, clearing and balancing whatever needs to be adjusted.  In this particular case, when I got to the 3rd session, working on both as a single unit/team, I didn’t tell the rider when I was doing the session.

I saw her at the barn later in the day, after I had done the session, and she immediately came up and said, “What did  you do? I rode my horse and he was so much better and I could really feel the difference!”.  I told her I did the last session on them.  She then went to a show, where they got their best scores to date. The horse was much more relaxed and focused than previously and she was very impressed.  She thought the results were phenomenal from the sessions.

While Carolyn Osborn can’t guarantee any specific results, and the case study above does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of services for any particular issue or problem, clients report having positive experiences.