Partnering with Animals

How many ways can a dog bark, a cat meow, a bird sing or a horse whinny? When you live with an animal, you discover a vocabulary you wish you knew more about, and may even try to mimic in lighter moments. Yet when your animal is in need, you wish you could masterfully read their needs to offer the right solutions. Carolyn can unlock the mysteries for you.

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Health & well-being

Is your dog/cat not eating very well, uncomfortable with other pets in the house, peeing in the house or scared of things/people? Do they have some minor aches and pains that are not responding to conventional solutions? Would you like to have a clearer understanding of what your pet is saying to you? Would you like to improve that special bond between you and your pets? Do they have allergies or other environmental factors bothering them?


Your pet, like us, may have health challenges and concerns. My energy work with your pet is not meant to be a substitute for or replace treatment by your vet, but instead is intended to be complementary to the treatment by your vet. Many issues, however, may be more emotionally or energetically based, which means that energetic healing work can be effective. Either way, combining energy medicine with traditional treatments can offer the best results. In my experience, animals love energy work and all the sessions are done via distance, so they can be comfortable in their own home during the session.

Energy medicine can be especially helpful when your pet has/is undergoing surgery or other major health challenges, as energy medicine can assist and may speed up the healing process. The whole purpose is to make your pet as comfortable, happy, and healthy as possible on all levels.

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Behavior Patterns

Many behavioral or emotional issues in animals come from some type of stress in their environment or with people from their past or present.

If you have adopted a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue facility, they can have memories or experiences that may need to be cleared and balanced to help them feel better. There could also be physical imbalances that can cause undesirable behaviors. 

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, by balancing or releasing these stressors in a session, the animal is more likely to achieve a more healthy, natural state. It is also recommended and helpful to bring the new animal into harmony and balance with it’s new family, so it can fit in seamlessly with all members of the family, including other animals and people.

Chiron Energy Medicine with Carolyn Osborn is designed to create a better connection and understanding with your animal. Through that awareness, we can begin to restore their well-being, and you can have the piece of mind knowing your animal is feeling better and being heard.

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Animal communication

Animals speak without the words we human beings rely upon. Their language includes making characteristic sounds, acute listening, facial expressions, eye contact, movement, instincts, and what many describe as empathy, telepathic receptivity, and notably intentional efforts to receive or initiate communication with people (and other animals.)

Strong bonding comes naturally to you and your animal, whether during play or teaming up for competitive or show activities. Yet when this is blocked, you can feel it and so can they.

Communication with your pet before or after they have passed can be another way to connect with your pet.  Find out their thoughts and wishes, and any message they may have for you.  You would be amazed at how they can help you through such a difficult time. They always look out for you and have your best interests at heart.

Carolyn is trained to be able to communicate with your animal intuitively to discover what they have to say and what is the best way to improve and restore your connection with them.  This can create a better understanding on both sides and allows you both to be heard. That is what we all want with our animal companion!

Your beloved animals... they deserve to be heard and helped with all their needs, however they express them.
— Carolyn Osborn
All your beloved animals

A Case Study for a common problem

The following case study is an excellent example of how the symptoms are not necessarily the cause of the problem. 

A client had a cat, Zorba, that suffered from urinary retention for 2 years.  Zorba was having great difficulty urinating, and then only about once a day. This created great hardship and suffering for the cat and the family. Finally the Veterinarian determined it was the result of the neutering surgery when he was 6 months old. The client, from Italy, asked me to do a session on him.  The results were more than the client had hoped for, with Zorba being able to urinate more frequently and feeling much more energetic and playful.  He was also less angry and aggressive, wanting to be friendly and cuddly again.

The urinary problem appeared about 16 months after his surgery to be neutered, which was the cause of the problem. One of the many reasons to have energy work before and after surgery, it’s believed to help the body release and adjust to the trauma of the surgery. Any kind of surgery registers as a trauma and invasion of the body. Especially when cutting into the body, the energy circuits, like the meridians, have been cut, and suddenly there is no flow across the incision area. When that happens, after a period of time, there is bound to be some imbalance or disruption in the functioning of the body. The premise of energy work is once those areas have been reconnected and balanced to the whole body, and the trauma has been released, the body can repair itself and get back to normal functioning.

In her own words…

" My cat Zorba has been suffering from urinary retention for 2 yrs now. In January 2011 when he was 6 months old, he had a neutering surgery.  20 days after the surgery, Zorba’s number of urinations per day dropped to about once every 18-20 hours. 

The vet concluded the surgery was the cause. After a neurological exam, he assumed that Zorba must have fallen from some piece of furniture at home, injuring his spine, and thus causing the nerve that tells the bladder to contract and release when full was not working any more. The urine stagnating in the bladder then makes crystals that can clog up the urethra with the consequent need for an emergency unblock.

We have been giving him drugs and had to manipulate him in order to stimulate his bladder. The stress for Zorba and for the whole family was growing exponentially.

I am in Italy, and my practitioner here told me about Carolyn Osborn who specialized in working with animals, I agreed to a distance session for Zorba. The results have gone beyond my expectations! Zorba changed his behavior immediately. He is urinating spontaneously twice a day. Ten days after the session Zorba is urinating 3 times a day. He is more vital and eats and plays more. He is now less aggressive and wants our company again. Plus, my stress has reduced as well!!

I am happy to know that there is an alternative way to take care of my cat Zorba and the possibility of distance sessions is an incredible option! 

Thank you Carolyn!!! "

— RB, Italy

While Carolyn Osborn can’t guarantee any specific results, and the case study above does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of services for any particular issue or problem, clients report having positive experiences.